Friday, January 29, 2016

40 Meter Reversible "String Beam" Antenna. Post #673.

40 Meter Reversible "String Beam" Antenna
Accessed on 30 January 2016, 04:09 hrs, UTC.
Author:  Bob Raynor (N4JTE).
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If you've got some time, a few friends willing to help you, and some basic tools, you can build this 40 meter reversible beam antenna using a basic dipole antenna and a few parasitic elements.  According to Bob (N4JTE), you can get about 3dB gain over a single element dipole with his "string beam" antenna.  This antenna will give you some directivity as well, which is always helpful in contacting that rare DX station.  Place the "string beam" antenna as high as possible for best results.

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