Simple Ham Radio Antennas--HF Long Wire Antenna Codan 403. Post #605.

HF Long Wire Antenna Codan 403
Accessed on 23 November 2015, 04:33 hrs, UTC.

During my "career" as an amateur radio operator (since 1977), I've built a variety of antennas, including HF "longwires" designed to fit my property line and my portable operating requirements. Although these antennas are fun to make, they do take a lot of time to design and build properly, especially the winding and overall construction of the balun (usually 9:1).  The installation of a good ground radial or counterpoise system is important, too.  This type of antenna also requires an antenna transmatch ("tuner") to operate on amateur radio bands from 80 to 10 meters.  If you'd rather have a professionally built HF Long Wire Antenna that covers 2 to 30 MHz, you can't go wrong with antenna products from Codan--a manufacturer of mil-spec manpack transceivers and antennas.

Codan equipment, including their antenna systems, is well-made and can stand up to weather extremes.  This antenna will last for years and is worth the purchase price.

So, if you are reluctant to "roll your own" antenna, you may want to investigate the antenna line marketed by Codan.

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